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Bridal jackets ideas

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West rocked these unique jackets thanks to personal friend and Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci.

Thanks to this, bespoke bridal jackets are becoming more and more unique, with brides experimenting with denim and leather.

Those who want an even more personalised look are having their jackets embroidered with quirky words and statements that are becoming a feature in their wedding photos.


Denim jackets

Denim is one of those versatile looks that grooms and groomsmen have been using for rustic, country-style, beach and Boho weddings for years.

Brides are increasingly jumping onto this trend, pairing a dark-stained or washed look denim jacket with their beautiful wedding gowns.

This fusion makes for a stunning combination and adds another level of casual beauty of a ruffled, mermaid, vintage or Boho dress.

The only thing to consider is how the cut suits the dress. Ideally, a princess or a-line dress suits a cropped bridal jacket, while a longer style can be worn with a mermaid or trumpet dress and relaxed fits.


Leather jackets

Edgier brides are donning leather jackets to bring a grunge look to their weddings instead to replace the need for a long-sleeved dress.

Brides who go down this rock ‘n’ roll path often wear the jackets slung over their shoulders, for a more casual style that also allows them to keep warm.


Bespoke jackets

Custom-made jackets are not new, Brides have been commissioning their dressmakers to create shrugs and lace-detailed jackets that match their wedding gowns for decades.

But, the latest trend taking the industry by storm is jackets emblazoned with quirky messages.

Easy Weddings bride Aimee Riley inscribing her jacket with the word ‘Taken’ when she wed Ben Jarvis in Sydney.

Other popular choices are to embroider ‘Mrs (insert married name here)’ or ‘Just Married’. You can even get one for your spouse as a keepsake.

How to prepare for your big day

While there are mountains of options when it comes to hair masks, serums and conditioning treatments that can revitalise tired hair, if you start incorporating more Vitamin B into your diet in the months before your wedding, you can reignite your hair’s natural shine.

Look to fish, nuts, and eggs to get you on your way.

You can give this a little help with a scalp massage and conditioning treatment about a month before your wedding day. Both will add body to your hair.



H20 is your best friend in the fight for clear and radiant skin, so don’t underestimate the power of trading up a glass of vino for an icy cold water in the lead up to your wedding.

If you are fighting a losing battle with acne, you can consider consulting a dermatologist to help you along.

If you are going to go down this path, do it at least six months before your wedding so your body has time to adjust to any new creams or medications the dermatologist may prescribe.

If your problems lie more with blackheads, you can go for a day spa and have some facials to help improve your complexion. Warning – do NOT do this within 10 days of your wedding as these can bring any festering blemishes to a head right at the very time you want them all gone.



The eyes are the windows to the soul and although planning, sleepless nights and pre-wedding jitters can lead to dark circles and puffiness.

You can help to keep these at bay by avoiding foods high in salt and using a nightly eye cream or a home-made cool compress once or twice a week. You can use anything from the stereotypical cucumber slices to a wet face towel.

The horror story about wedding on kids

Kids at weddings: they look extremely adorable in their flower girl dresses and mini suits; but with children’s behavior so incredibly unpredictable at the best of times, it’s a little wonder that some couples choose to hire a babysitter for the night.

When you read some of the horror stories real brides have shared online, you may also think twice about letting your friends and family bring the children along.


The non-compliant bridal party members

It is cute when a young flower girl doesn’t quite remember her role and tips the whole basket of flowers into a pile before running off for mummy. That is a memory guests will have forever.

But what about the flower girl who got so bored standing up the front of the room alongside the bridesmaids in a church and started to kick the wooden step behind her? The outcome was that no one could hear what the celebrant was saying over the thumping echoing throughout the church. Good-bye emotional vow exchange!


Ceremony tears

You might expect to shed a tear of joy as emotion overtakes you while watching a friend or family member ties the knot. But when kids do it, it’s usually because they are tired, bored, or hungry (or all of the above).

And it’s loud. Impossibly loud.

There have been ceremonies where a child has thrown a gigantic tantrum and cannot be consoled, or an infant who won’t stop crying. Both are atmosphere-killers.


Not the cake!

Placing children in a room with a beautifully decorated tiered cake is like putting a brand new toy in view and then telling them not to play with it. The pull is literally magnetic.

Cake tables have been toppled, icing licked and fists put through wedding cakes. Try getting the guests to eat a piece after any of that happens…


Having their own party

In an environment not conducive to children’s entertainment, younger guests will create their own fun.

Game of tag anyone? There have been weddings where little guests have run rampant throughout the room, knocking into guests, spilling drinks on tables as they whiz past and yes, they used the cake table as their base….


Hen’s party revisited

If you had a stripper in the guise of a fireman come along to your hen’s party, you might get a visit from the real thing on your wedding day.

Children have been known to investigate their surrounds and test out what things do. Light switches – not too bad. Fire alarm- Yikes! This was an ear-splitting 15 minutes of alarm action for the guests of this particular wedding as the firies worked to shut the alarm off.


Fountain fun

You can have the punch or chocolate fountain OR the children. Do not EVER think you can have both in the same room at the same time.

I think this is pretty self-explanatory.