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Best Wedding Story

“I hadn’t really fussed over the exact details but I knew I wanted the proposal to take place during our holiday to New Zealand. I packed the ring, along with a picnic and we set off for a quiet spot around the lake on Christmas Day.” Jamie said.

“I had plucked up the courage and was feeling ready but when we arrived the lakefront was overrun with local families celebrating the day. I suddenly felt the nerves creeping in as we set up the picnic and took our spot among the locals. As the afternoon wore on, I decided the setting wasn’t quite right, and decided I would propose at another location.

“We decided to come back to the same beautiful little beach for a relaxed dinner, as there was a paucity of restaurants open for Christmas. We almost had the lakefront to ourselves when we returned after getting some supplies, and the timing felt right. We set up our picnic for a second time and I got myself ready for the proposal.

“After dinner when the sun was setting on a relaxing Christmas day, I asked Melissa to come out onto the jetty so I could take some photos looking out onto the tranquil crystal clear water. When she came out I told her I had bought her a Christmas present and handed her the ring wrapped in Christmas paper.

“As she began to unwrap the box, a wave of panic swept over me as I suddenly thought, what if the ring has become displaced in the box, and could fall into the water as Melissa opens it?! Too late, just as I had seen in my mind’s eye, the ring popped out of the box and bounced along the wooden planks for what seemed like an eternity.

“My heart skipped a beat as it came to rest on the edge of the jetty, missing about three gaps in the jetty along the way. I swooped on the ring and knelt down on one knee in front of Melissa and asked ‘will you marry me?’ She said yes, we both breathed a huge sigh of relief and laughed at how close we came to losing the ring into Lake Taupo!


Avoid a wedding day meltdown

Fitting into your dress may seem utmost importance, but nobody will remember your trim waist if you faint at the altar. Have assorted pastries delivered to you at the hair salon or while you’re getting your makeup done. This is a great way to kick off your day, and get the bridesmaids excited and energised for the party ahead.


Pack a bag

Pack a sleepover bag and give it to someone reliable to drop at your hotel room before the ceremony. There’s no way you’ll want to wear your wedding dress home the next morning. Pack makeup remover, a hair brush, and comfortable pyjamas. You’re going to want to jump straight into bed after a day and night of celebrating, and knowing a bag full of the essentials already awaits you will make life a whole lot easier.


Be yourself

Do it your way. If a high intensity photoshoot isn’t your thing, perhaps consider alternative ways to capture your day. For example, have a bridal party picnic in the park between the ceremony and the reception, or take a break and have a few drinks at your favourite local pub. Get the photographer to come along and take candid images of you enjoying yourself surrounded by friends. The time between the ceremony and the reception doesn’t have to be spent taking directions from your photographer. Tell them what you want to do to ensure you get the most out of your day. Don’t spend the day rushing around, after all, this day should reflect you.


Let someone else do it

Your cousin’s boyfriend’s friend can’t find his name on the seating plan? Not your problem. The mother of the groom isn’t happy with her dessert? Not your problem. It is inevitable that things may go astray, but that doesn’t mean it should impact your special day. Allow your bridesmaids to tend to any hiccups and put up your feet — this is your day, after all.

How to Find Superfoods That Suitable For Your Skin

These are the unsung heroes in the pantry, or items you have bypassed thousands of times in the supermarket shelves, but it’s time to pay attention as they could help you to boost collagen, even out skin tone and prevent acne breakouts. This will ensure you are looking your best on your wedding day.

No crazy exercises, no injections and no cosmetic procedures necessary.

What’s even better, some of the items from this list are things you may never have thought of!


Chia seeds

These are not only the latest must-have smoothie ingredient, but sprinkling some of these onto your breakfast will help you benefit from Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to keep your skin strong and plump by boosting new collagen production.



Keen-wha!? It can prove a challenge for the uninitiated to pronounce, but quinoa is packed with riboflavin, which helps your skin’s elasticity and the production of connective tissue.

In layman’s terms, it’s a warrior against fine lines and wrinkles.



Don’t we all love a list with chocolate on it?! This doesn’t mean you can chow down on a block a day in the name of healthy skin (the opposite will probably happen), but research shows two squares of 70% cacao a day gives you good levels of antioxidant that reduces skin inflammation.



Sun damage is one of the biggest challenges your skin faces on a daily basis and enjoying tomatoes, cooked or raw, or tomato paste every day can help to protect your skin from the sun.

A quintessential Byron Bay wedding

Want to feel the sand squelch between your toes as you wander barefoot along the tranquil Byron Bay coast, hand in hand with your love, on your wedding day? Look no further. Below are four venues guaranteed to pair that quintessential Byron Bay experience, and the celebration of love and commitment that is your wedding.

The Belongil

Located in sunny Byron, The Belongil boasts the most sought-after wedding venue in the Bay. Step inside the idyllic coastal restaurant, and enjoy a fully catered event to celebrate and welcome your new marriage. Seating up to 150 guests, The Belongil caters to intimate and medium-sized weddings alike. Enjoy the salty evening breeze while you mingle, and as the party comes to a close, step barefoot into the sand just across the road with your love. Bliss.

The Belongil also offers accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, allowing guests to dance into the night, and take a fresh dip in the ocean the following morning. The perfect weekend away.


The Deck at Byron Bay

Strike envy into the hearts of family and friends by holding your special day at The Deck at Byron. With panoramic views of the lighthouse and lush greenery that is Byron Bay Golf Course, this venue is simply breathtaking. The Deck caters for 60 to 160 guests sit down meal, with up to 250 guests maximum for a larger cocktail reception. Whether you desire an intimate occasion or a larger soiree, The Deck at Byron really is the perfect place to ring in a new marriage.


The Pass Café

Located overlooking sublime Pass Beach and surf break, The Pass Café in Byron Bay is the ideal location to hold your intimate wedding. Sip champagne and marinate in the salty coastal breeze while celebrating your love with 120 family and friends cocktail style, or sit comfortably among 60 of your nearest and dearest. Relax and enjoy the truly memorable night ahead.


Beach Byron Bay

Situated just a stone throw away from the ocean, Beach Byron Bay boasts stunning coastal scenery and five star reviews from previous guests. Exchange vows on the beach and wander barefoot up through the dunes to your reception venue. The venue itself caters to cocktail affairs and sit-down occasions alike. A truly quintessential Byron Bay experience, and a unique way to celebrate your love.

The perfect wedding guest

So you’ve been invited to a wedding. This unfortunately is not your day to shine, however following the below steps will lead you to become the perfect wedding guest, who will only make the lucky couples day easier and more enjoyable.


RSVP (on time!)

The invitation set a RSVP cut off date for a reason. Seats, drinks, dinner, cake — everything must be ordered and paid for based on number of attendees, and in a timely fashion, often months before the actual wedding date. If you miss the RSVP date, don’t be surprised if the couple have already counted you out.


Follow the dress code

Do not wear white. On any other given day, white might suit you best and accentuate your blue eyes and rosy cheeks — but not today. Wearing white, the same as the bride, is a sure-fire way of receiving your meal late or even not at all. There should be no competition on a bride’s special day. Wearing white will only cause unnecessary drama, and forfeit your right to a thank you letter or wedding favour. Not exactly the way to make friends.


Put down your iPhone

Don’t post photos until AFTER the wedding. While some weddings disallow photography other than the professional photographer(#UnpluggedWeddings), others perhaps haven’t given it a thought. As a courtesy, if you do take personal photos at the ceremony, keep them to yourself at least until after the groom has seen his bride for the first time. This moment is about them — not your Instagram followers.


Offer to help

And actually do it! No wedding is without its hiccups, but this shouldn’t be a burden on the newlyweds’ shoulders. It’s their day and night to enjoy, and if every guest is being as perfect as you, it will truly be one to remember.


Don’t over do it

It’s not your wedding, so don’t make everything about you! No crazy outfits or photobombing every selfie. And most importantly, don’t propose at a wedding without the explicit approval of the happy couple!


Put your phone on silent

Or even better, leave it in the car! One of the worst things you can do is ruin the couples wedding vows by having your phone ring mid “I do”. Put it on silent or flight mode to ensure the couple have a ceremony free from your ring tone.

Ideas for newlyweds

You dated before you got engaged and you continued to date while you were engaged, so why not carry on with a good thing and date while you are married? Here are 20 date night ideas for you.

Date nights might seem a little unwarranted – after all, you’ve just committed to spending the rest of your lives together.

But believe it or not, even the most committed couples can get caught up in their work, hobbies and social networks – sometimes all three at once – and suddenly you are like ships passing in the night.

A quick smile, hug and kiss, maybe a ‘How you doin’?’ and then you are off to do your own thing. Have children? This can only magnify the problem, with juggling all of the above with the day-to-day demands of running a household and making sure you have time to play with the kids as well.

Sigh, if only there was some time to spend with your new husband or wife to just chill, chat properly and enjoy each others company?

Wait, there is! But you have to be proactive and make it happen.

It might sound cheesy to ‘pencil in’ time with your spouse, but if you don’t, something else will always get in the way. So set aside a day or evening that can be once a week, fortnight or month depending on your circumstances, and just go for a date.

It doesn’t have to be the roses and chocolates kind of date, or the cliche to go a restaurant date. Here are some fun ideas for date nights that are fun and more importantly, give you quality time to connect.


Movie night

No, this isn’t a sit in the back seats of a dark cinema and make out movie night, (although that could help you to relive your youth a little…) this more of a home theater experience.

Chuck heaps of pillows onto a bed and watch a blockbuster flick together, or camp out in the living room with heaps of snacks and take turns choosing a flick each time.


Set a challenge

Competitive types will love to find new ways to challenge themselves, so why not do it in a fun way?

Take on a friendly game of mini golf, go ten pin bowling, hit up laser tag, go to paintball or head to the arcade.

Set to get married on Valentine day

Easy Weddings, Australia’s number one online wedding resource site, CEO Matt Butterworth said more than 300 couples were married on February 14 last year, making it a popular choice with engaged couples.

Today, Canberra’s Samira El Haj and Al Walker will be among them as they tie the knot after a five-year engagement in front of an intimate gathering of 30 guests in the backyard of their Canberra home.

Samira said the date appealed to them for two reasons. “Al is a very romantic guy and I have always received roses on Valentine’s day, but he has forgotten my birthday in the past, so we thought if we get married on Valentine’s day, he won’t forget it,” she quipped.

“The only downfall was that the flowers were quite expensive due to the high demand associated with Valentine’s Day.” Samira, now 47, and Al, now 45, met at a bar in Canberra in 2008 and enjoyed a whirlwind romance when Al followed Samira to Spain when she intended to move back to her native country.

“He came over for six weeks and it was like a baptism of fire for our relationship – it really was make or break as we were with each other 24/7 for six weeks,” Samira said. “And after that, I moved to Canberra to continue our romance. “Because of our ages, we had to get a move on when we found each other.”

They only started to plan their “wedding on a shoestring” in December, after they had confirmation Samira’s family would be able to travel from Spain for the event. Their two gorgeous children Aisha, 6, and Harry, 4, will have integral roles in their 3pm ceremony.

“Harry will be our ringbearer and we will find a cushion to tie the rings really, really tight onto and Aisha will be our flower girl and throw out handmade petals made by my mother-in-law,” Samira said.

“Aisha’s very disappointed that I’m not having the big white ballgown and white carriage fairytale wedding, because that what she thinks marriage is all about. But we are all very excited.”

Mistakes to avoid in your best man speech

There is a lot of pressure on a best man speech these days. You are expected to be laugh out loud funny, yet also charming and tasteful and all to a room of sometimes hundreds of strangers. It’s a difficult balance and the truth is, it’s a tough gig. And with all that pressure, it’s no wonder we sometimes hear the guys getting it wrong.


Don’t mention the ex

No matter how well-meaning your intentions, this is just a no-no.  If you want to avoid awkwardness and bad memories, just stay away from the ex. Weddings are about celebrating the future, there is absolutely no need to dwell on the past. Stay upbeat and focus on the moment.


The bucks party

We all have heard the saying ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’. But time and time again, the bucks party keeps sliding into best man speeches and it’s just not cool. Not only are you breaking bro-code but the audience and the bride especially do not want to hear what happened and what mischief was managed. Leave the imagery of what might have happened alone and keep it on the level.



You and the groom might go way back. Way way back. And while that is really lovely, we don’t know who you’re talking about when you call your friends Boof, Meat and Sweats. We only know them as James, Tom and Shaun. No matter how small the wedding, assume the room knows nothing. We definitely want to hear your stories and history with the groom – by all means tell us something we don’t know! But in choosing stories, make sure they’re relevant to the event and have a relevant link to the focus of the evening. Perfect examples are marriage, love and the future.

Snapchat wedding geofilter

Wedding hashtags are reaching fever pitch and the creativity of some couples is astounding. But if you have a wedding in 2017, you might want to learn more about Snapchat Geofilters, because they are the next social media craze poised to explode.

If you are hooked on Snapchat, this is the perfect way to add some extra charm to the photos your guests post of your big day.

Geofilters allow you to create personalised filters for your wedding that are only available at a set location. In this case, it would be your ceremony and/or reception venue.

Gold glittery hearts, beautiful doves holding banners or a custom design that captures the essence of you and your partner – the options are limitless.

But, like most great things, there are some regulations. Snapchat needs to approve each proposed Geofilter design to ensure there are no trademarked images, website URLs, phone numbers, usernames or pictures of people in the filter image.

Designs also need to have a transparent background and only cover a small percentage of the screen to allow for the photos being posted to be easily seen.

You can take the bull by the horns and jump onto Snapchat and check out their templates to personalise one for your wedding, or you can employ the services of a graphic designer to create a bespoke filter for you.

Once you have your design ready, you submit it to Snapchat for approval. If you are DIYing a Geofilter, you might benefit from checking out video tutorials on YouTube to ensure you go through the process correctly, but a basic guideline of how this process works is:


Step 1 – Upload

Get onto Snapchat and upload your Geofilter design.


Step 2 – Select a window of time

Choose the amount of time you want to have the filter available. For weddings, it makes sense to base the availability around your ceremony and reception times as you do pay by the hour for this privilege. But if you have extra money in your wedding budget, you can extend this out to the entire day or even weekend. Geofilters can be live for just an hour or anywhere up to 30 days. Be sure to check the time zone that you are working with to make sure it aligns with the location of your venue.


Step 3 – Build a fence

No, you don’t have to get over this one. The geographical area of a Geofilter is defined when you use the Snapchat tool to draw a “fence” to indicate where you wish to have your filter available (your wedding venue). It can be one building or an entire block. Just remember, the larger the area, the more you will need to be prepared to pay.

Valley wedding venues

Dreaming of a tranquil wedding away? Below are ten Hunter Valley wedding venues guaranteed to offer a peaceful countryside wedding in the fresh air.

Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley

Located in idyllic countryside, Crown Plaza is the perfect venue for a destination wedding. Nestled between vineyards and golf courses in picturesque Hunter Valley, Crown Plaza caters for both intimate weddings and larger soirees, with venues seating from 50 to 830 people. And, with accommodation on site, your guests can wholly enjoy the memorable event ahead.


Hunter Valley Gardens

Boasting five star reviews, Hunter Valley Gardens is guaranteed to enthral your guests. Offering an all-in-one location, the location includes the ceremony, photography setting, and the reception. Celebrate your love and commitment to one another beneath the leafy backdrop, and dance into the candlelit night. Hunter Valley Gardens also offers a fireworks display, and helicopter transport, for the more gallant newlyweds.


Estate Tuscany

Located beside the magnificent Brokenback Ranges, Estate Tuscany offers the perfect vineyard setting. Specialising in summer weddings, Estate Tuscany allows you to exchange vows in the sun, and later celebrate beneath the stars in the courtyard. For wetter days, rustic indoor venues are available for a discounted rate. On-site accommodation offers the cherry on top, allowing your nearest and dearest to spend the entire weekend together. A truly memorable experience.


The Vintage

Surrounded by fields as far as the eye can see, The Vintage offers the quintessential countryside wedding. With six wedding venues to choose from, The Vintage caters to all weddings — big and small. With a golf course, on-site accommodation, and a spa, your perfect weekend wedding awaits.